Romeo Hekary demand 10 seats for Chaldean Assyrian Syriac in the next Iraqi Parliament assembly

Ankawa. Com – Ankawa

In a report to, the secretary of Beath Nahrain Democratic Party, Romeo Hekary demands the assignment of special Kota for our people Chaldean Assyrian Syriac in the election law of the Iraqi Parliament which should not be less than 10 seats. He added, the number of members will increase from 265 to 300 and our people represent, at present time, 3% – 5% of the whole population of Iraq, including those who are in migrant countries or those who left recently which have the right to vote in the coming Parliament election.

Hekary said, the Kota which we are asking for must be unconditional and must not be voted by other than our people, such as, Turkmen, Arab or Kurds. Referring to what happened in Kurdistan region election which was breaking of the rules and suspecting the representative of the people and the winners will not be the real representative of our people.
  About the participation of his party, Hekary said, we did not put our final decision until the amendment of the election law for the next parliament assembly. When the principle of the Kota is confirmed, it will be possible to discuss the participation in one list for our people. He added, according to his knowledge, that he is nearly sure about the agreement on Kota principle for our people in the next election for the Iraqi parliament.