“Rightful Cries to Cease Bloodshed in Syria”Religions for Peace Syria Working Group: Cairo Statement (Original in Arabic)

Cairo, Egypt | August 29, 2012
At the invitation of Religions for Peace MENA Council and based on its previous resolutions of Marrakesh, Morocco (15-16 November 2012) and Larnaca, Cyprus (22-23 February 2012), we—a group of Syrian religious scholars and intellectuals, both Muslims and Christians—conferred in Cairo, Egypt on 28-29 August 2012 to examine the deteriorating situation in Syria. We issue this cry of pain and agony and denounce the killing, violence and violations against our people, their dignity, and property in our beloved Syria. Ours is a cry against the brutal destruction of our cultural and human heritage and against acts of abduction, extortion, arbitrary arrest and threats.
We call for the following:
1. The cessation of all forms of killings.
2. The army to retreat to their barracks. All armed manifestations by the opposition groups should be stopped.
3. The release of all political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, abducted persons and prisoners of war.
4. The honoring of the people’s demands for freedom, democracy, justice, equality, right to peaceful demonstrations and the recognition of these as legitimate rights.
5. States and international organizations to provide humanitarian assistance expeditiously and openly and to make the hospitals of the neiboring countries available to receive the injured and wounded.
6. Forming a follow-up committee affiliated to Religions for Peace with the mandate to: a) monitor the factors that threathen the national unity and coexistence among the components of the Syrian society; b) to build bridges of cooperation and communication with international organizations and other bodies to achieve the afore-mentioned demands; and c) to submit its reports and proposals to the Religions for Peace MENA Secretariat.
7. The further spreading of a message of peace, achieving national reconciliation, discarding grudges, deep-rooting citizenship, maintaining national unity, and emphasizing co-existence among all citizens of Syria. We ask believers worldwide to pray to the Lord to safeguard Syria and restore her security, peace and prosperity on Earth.