Righteousness demanded the trial of the leaders of the Brotherhood

Said Mamdouh Shafiq copper Secretary General of the Party of integrity that the statement came from the Armed Forces confirms that people dropped the system and the rule of President Mohamed Morsi, Ayat, and it became illegal, calling for the Attorney General to arrest the leaders of the Brotherhood Amusliman and the Freedom and Justice Party, which helped the fall of the legitimacy of President Luger the country to the brink of civil war and religious and sectarian lines.

The copper that President Mohamed Morsi had a great opportunity a year ago to collect all shades of people and make national reconciliation wraps around everyone and supported by all the currents and institutions in the country, and that removes the case of congestion religious which was shown between now and then because of the policies of the National Party corrupt and which was exploited in the interest of the party.

Copper ended the speech that President Morsi, unfortunately, continued the same policy of the National Party dissolved. The finished image of the Freedom and Justice Party burned in the political life of the same form of the dissolved National Party and it is due to the youth of the revolution and the emphasis on the completion of their demands.