Release of the detainees of the Assyrian Democratic Organization and popular celebration in Al-Qamishili – Syria – Al-Qamishili – Exclusive
According to the sources of the site of in Al-Qamishili, the Syrian security authorities released shortly before now the detainees of the Assyrian Democratic Organization, who had been arrested after the raid of their headquarters by the Syrian security forces last Friday.
The sources said that the people of Al-Qamishili organized receptions and wide popular celebrations waiting for the released detainees, which they are 13 people.
The sources of have made it clear that the detainees were remained for 6 days at the headquarters of the criminal code, and before being released they transferred to the headquarters of the political security in Al-Hasaka for more and comprehensive investigation.
The sources said that the political security will close the files of the 13 detainees without trial.