Ref: “I have a new friend: an Iraqi Chaldean priest”

January 26th, 2008

“I have a new friend: an Iraqi Chaldean priest”

The project: “I have a new friend, an Iraqi Chaldean priest” launched by the Pastoral Migrants Office of Archdiocese of Turin (Italy) to support the Iraqi Christian community with an annual direct aid to ten young Chaldean priests in Baghdad reached its conclusion after five years.
In this period, thanks to the generosity of many friends who took the situation of the small and vulnerable Christian community of Iraq to heart, we could not just give practical support to our brothers, but also show them not to have been forgotten.
The project is the result of the firm belief that the aid to be effective, also in building bridges between different realities, must not be limited at the time of acute crisis, but should follow those in difficulty in overcoming that moment and take in their hands their life and their future.
The term of the project therefore will not result in our disengagement and it is for this reason that the UPM of the Archdiocese of Turin invites everyone to continue to think, pray and act for the Iraqi Christian community.

Don Fredo Olivero
Director of the Pastoral Migrants Office
Archdiocese of Turin (Italy)

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