Recovery of the remains of 11 christian martyrs, mainly women and children, from Sorya cemetery in Iraq – Dohuk
In the presence of the appropriate legal authorities in Kurdistan region, the official decrees took place today, Wednesday 14th of this month, to open the, collectively, Sorya cemetery in the town of Sumail that related to the province of Dohuk.
  According to the news agencies, the remains of 11 persons, out of 49 present in the cemetery, were recovered. 39 of the remains belong to our people, including a number of children and elderly people. The other 10 of the remains belong to the Kurds brothers.
  The crime was committed at the time of the Baath regime after a patrol of the former Iraqi army attacked in the village in 1969.
  According to eyewitnesses, the former regime had gathered the villagers in a barn for animals and shot them, then they lit a fire in the barn to burn all those who were there.