Rash of Assyrian Kidnappings in Syria

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries
HASAKE, SYRIA (ANS) — At least three Assyrians have been kidnapped recently from their villages in Hasake, Syria. Two of the victims are young men and the kidnappers have asked for at least $100,000 USD in ransom for each.

St. Mary’s Church was destroyed
The third victim is a 17 year-old girl that was snatched from her street after four men, believed to be Kurds, assaulted her 16-year-old brother, knocked him out, and drove off with her.
According to the Assyrian International News Agency (www.aina.org), violence against Assyrians has sharply risen in the last 12 months; much of it perpetrated by the rebel militia, especially by the Jihadist elements of the rebels, this despite the fact that Assyrians have officially supported the rebel militia.
The New Assyrian Quarter in Aleppo has been attacked three times in the last four weeks. On November 15, four missiles struck the village of Tel Nasra, and according to the residents, St. Mary’s church was destroyed and every house was damaged.
“A 14 year old child was killed and many were wounded. It is not known who launched the missiles, though it appears that they originated from government forces,” said a spokesperson for the Assyrian Internatioanl News Agency.