Public mass demonstartion in Alqosh

Rivan Al-Hakim / Alqosh
On 28/9/2008 at 11.15am , a mass public demonstration stemmed in Alqosh including people from villages and nearby cities gathered in the public square.
The demonstartion was organized by Assyrian Democratic Movement directing to the Directorate of Alqosh across the streets includes more than 2000 citizens from Alqosh and nearby villages .
Mr. Basim Bello governorer of Telkef and Mr. Faiz Jahoori director of Alqosh received the demonstrators .
Mr. George Isaak ,member of political bureau for Assyrian Democratic Movement addressed a speach stating :”This will not be the last demonstartion for the people of Ninevah plain ,but there will be continuoues demonstrations till getting back our rights because we are the originals and will stay.
Mr. George delivered a protest memorandom to Mr. Jahoori who delivered to Mr. Bello. Then to be delivered to Higher authorities.
Number of political parties and organizations of civil communities participated in the demonstration.