Proposal of the Liberal Party of Sweden to provide help for Iraqi Christians to get their legitimate rights – Sweden – Exclusive
A number of leaders in the Liberal Party of Sweden (one of the parties of the ruling right-wing coalition party) discussed the submitting of a proposal to the party conference that to be held on the 14th of next October. The proposal is to urge the Swedish government to help the Assyrian/Syriac/Chaldean people in Iraq to get their legitimate rights, including their right of self-administration.

“Two of those who signed the proposal are parliament members: Fredrik Malm in the Swedish parliament and Cecilia Wikstrom in the European parliament. And a third one, Olle Wastberg, is a former Swedish parliament member 1976-1982. In case that the conference approve this proposal and recognize it, the party will try, through its members in the parliament and the government, to influence the Swedish government towards helping Christian people in Iraq.
It should be mentioned that the signatories to the proposal had published an article on 14th of September of this year in the newspaper “Aftonbladet”, the largest Swedish evening newspaper, discussed the idea of the same proposal.

Signatories to the proposal:

Ninos Maraha: Member of Stockholm County Council and member of Sodertälje Municipality
Olle Wästberg: Director-General of Swedish Institute 2005-2010, and former member of the board of the Liberal Party in Sweden (total 25 years).
Cecilia Wikström: Member of the European Parlament
Fredrik Malm: Member of the Swedish parlament
Niklas Frykman: Group leader, Liberal Party, Eskilstuna
Mats Siljebrand : Group leader, Liberal Party, Sodertalje
Sandro Banovac:/ President, Liberal Party, Sodertalje.