Prince of Jordan condemns ISIS attacks on Middle East Christians

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AMMONNEWS – Prince Hassan of Jordan has condemned the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) “sickening” attacks on Christians in the Middle East, which is actually the birthplace of Christianity.
In an article published in The Telegraph, Prince Hassan and Woolf Institute director Dr. Ed Kessler highlighted the importance of Christianity to the development of the Middle East’s culture and civilization. Hassan, who is the founder and president of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (RIIFS), is appalled to see Christians in the region being savagely attacked by ISIS militants.

For Hassan, ISIS’ call to “Break the Cross” in the latest issue of its magazine Dabiq reflects the warped thinking of the present jihadists. He said the militants want to usher a new Dark Age into the current civilization, just as “misguided zeal” in the Middle Ages turned Christianity in Europe into a form of fanaticism.

In light of the situation, Hassan challenged people to help end the path to hatred and self-destruction through productive interfaith dialog. He said this step helps establish respect and unity among the three great religions in the Middle East.

Moreover, Hassan and Kessler pointed out that Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the past have justified violent acts using their respective Scriptures. In these cases, interpretation of the Scripture plays a very crucial role.

Meanwhile, the remaining Christians in Iraq have pledged not to flee but to stay and help rebuild the country after ISIS is defeated. Thousands of their counterparts were already forced to escape the violence brought about by the Islamist militants, Premier details.

Zoe Smith of Open Doors said the report titled “Hope for the Middle East,” which reveals that the remaining Iraqi Christians intend to stay in their homeland, emphasizes the major role of the church in building a society. Her statement notably echoes Hassan’s thoughts about Christianity in the Middle East.

At present, the Christian church is supporting displaced people and providing them with their basic needs. A church leader said Christians are not only helping their fellow believers, but also those of other faiths.

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