‘Prince of ISIS’ turns to Christ after a dream

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By Eno Adeogun A former ISIS leader has vowed to leave the terrorist organisation after a dream motivated him to convert to Christianity. The man, whose identity has been disguised for his safety, is being called Mohammad and used to be a spiritual leader within ISIS.He shared his

story on Dr Michael Youssef’s ‘Leading The Way’ programme. The video testimony from the ministry reported that one of their follow-up coordinators named Peter received a call several years ago from Mohammad who desperately wanted to meet with him. Despite the danger of meeting with Mohammad, believing it was God’s will, he did. In a re-enacted testimony, Mohammad explained what led to him reaching out to Peter: “One day, somebody asked me why I am a Muslim. “I wanted to find proof and evidence that Allah exists and Islam is right…I found nothing.” He met Peter with the intention of killing him but during their first encounter, Peter shared the message of Jesus’ salvation with him. Charisma News reported that Leading The Way’s senior director of ministry outreach Maged Atalla explained: “The second time they met, Mohammad told Peter he had a dream and saw an envelope dripping blood with great fragrance.” Explaining the dream, Peter said: “Jesus is sending you a message and you need to give your life to Him.” Mohammad accepted Jesus as his Lord and saviour. “I saw a love that didn’t exist in Islam,” he said. “The true book, in my opinion, is the Bible. “I found the truth in Jesus Christ. And because I have surrendered my life to the Lord, I am certain He will never forsake me.”