Prince Hotel Summons a First Look at Its Fate/GO Suites

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Head to Baker Street, Camelot, and more for a Chaldean holiday Kara Dennison Not long ago, Ikebukuro’s Prince Hotel announced the launch of IKEPRI25, a floor of their hotel devoted to concept and collaboration

design. First on the list of collaborations is Fate/Grand Order, and now you can see the glory that is Hotel Chaldea. Hotel rooms are decorated along four themes, each related to two Servants from Fate/Grand Order. A stay in one of these rooms will grant you Hotel Chaldea slippers, keychain, and towel, as well as a postcard and luggage tag featuring unique art created for the room, plus a complimentary drink based on the suite’s duo. Book a stay with Holmes and Moriarty at 221B Baker Street: Gilgamesh and Ozymandias in the “Golden Space”: Arthur Pendragon and Merlin in “Room Camelot”: Or Ryoma Sakamoto and Izo Okada at the Sakamoto Detective Agency: There are also four lounges available only to guests who book a Hotel Chaldea suite. The Museum is host to Fate/GO goods and life-sized props, with a tour narrated by Hokusai (CV Yukana): The Briefing Room, themed after Leonardo da Vinci, features a collection of books and a spot where you can plate Fate/GO on a big screen: The Theater Room is themed after Lord El-Melloi II and lets you screen both Fate/GO-related shows and a special video made for the hotel: And the Mozart and Salieri-themed Music Room serves as a lounge where you can enjoy the game’s soundtrack: Reservations are by lottery only, and the first lucky tenants have been alerted. Hotel Chaldea will be operational until this July, at which point IKEPRI25 will presumably move on to its next concept. >> IKEPRI25: Hotel Chaldea Website >> Watch Fate/Grand Order -First Order- on Crunchyroll Source: Comic Natalie