Press report : Signatures of Nineveh Plain optional or mandatory

Rayan Negara – /Ninevah plain
The issue of collecting signatures of clerics and notables was frequently repeated during the last time, demanding in the name of Chaldeans Syrians Assyrians public , to join Telkef district to Kurdistan territory and to settle an autonomy region for Chaldeans Syrians Assyrians.

Talks and writings distributed through media rostrums concerned as law violation and pressure practices on citizens and clergymen, obliging them to sign, where others dismissed considering the issue just allegations.

In order to clarify facts, follow up the issue and gather enough information to be keen on accurate details.

This report stands on the background of the procedure of collecting signatures which distributed among villages and cities in the northern sector of Ninevah plain, affirming uniting the district to Kurdistan territory and to settle an autonomy region for Chaldeans Syrians Assyrians, where specific forms distributed among citizens by committee of following-up the article (140).

Offices of Christian affairs (satellites to Mr. Sarkis Akhajan the Fianance Minister of Kurdistan) demand emigrants and some graduators to sign a confirmation form.

In a speech to one of the sources nearby to Christian affairs office -refused to reveal its name- said that a delegation headed by Mr. George Meya –member of the public committee for Chaldean-Syrian-Assyrian-, came from Erbil and visited the headquarters offices of Christian affairs in Ninevah plain , distributed forms to be signed by citizens who have the desire to sign, collect signatures before delivering the monthly humanitarian aids (source reported) , assuring that the procedure is within a democratic frame.
On the other side, our reporter contact Mr. Jamil Zeto head of the popular committee to clarify facts, but he refused to make statement to

The source said that all instructions and notifications are verbal either by call or face- to- face without any formal letters, and not authorized to make any press statement.

Where Mr. Jevara, an emigrant from Baghdad assured that during receiving the monthly aids he and his friends were asked to sign the form of joining the district to the territory.

Jivara added that he wondered a woman of age 50, signing the form without asking for any details .

Respecting his desire, Jivara had the freedom of not signing and was not prohibited. But outside the office news spread assuring the forbidding of humanitarian aids to those who refused signing.

“It is a historical responsibility” Jivara said : “ we have to respect the constitution . We the Christians have to decide our fate”.

In a general symposium held by Kurdistan Democratic party in Alkosh, the party denied any practice of pressure for mandatory signatures against civilians in Ninevah plain as reported by some media sources, and that the territory will grant facilities and help to guarantee the settlement of an autonomy region inside Kurdistan territory where all can live peacefully with Kurds and other people.

Mr. (M. Ain) member of Alkosh sport club said : “ we receive monthly salaries from the sport council of the popular committee , and before many days a meeting was held subjected to using forms to demand joining the district to the territory and autonomy district settlement, some people signed as I do but others refused ”.

He added “ In my opinion it is our right according to the constitution and nobody use pressure practices” .

Finally, all efforts registered against unknown as authorities we believe to be in charge, dismissed the procedure of signature gathering.