Press Release: Launch of

Seyfo Center was founded in 2005 in Holland and practices an independent work which is politically and religiously untied. The objective of Seyfo Center is to internationally work for and obtain a recognition of the genocide perpetrated against the Assyrian people known as SEYFO.
In order to achieve its goals Seyfo Center organizes conferences, seminars and other information activities that enables the spread of information on Seyfo while functioning as a support organization for the recognition of the community.
In order to spread its messages it is essential that Seyfo Center lifts up its activities to the public in various forms of mediums. One of these mediums, and perhaps the most important of all, is the Internet which has its strength and character because of its immediate spread of information around the word.
Consequently , Seyfo Center has decided to launch a website which can be visited at Seyfo Center would like to thank Milad Shamoun (IM Storm) for production and development, as well as Sargon Kurt for the design of the website. In order for the contents of the site and the published articles to maintain a high journalistic level Seyfo Center has engaged the services of freelance journalist Dikran Ego.
For more information fell free to visit us at
Seyfo Center