Press invitation

From: Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights.
To: Iraqi media / and the whole Arab and Western Europe Media.
Subject: Killing and Displacement Iraqi Christians in Mosul, because of identity.
Activity: Demonstration …
The sponsor of the event: Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights.
Location: Baghdad – Firdous Square, central Baghdad.
Time: Sunday, February 28, 2010

Demonstration Starts at 10:00 a.m until 12:00 noon
Why: For more than a month a series of killing is continuing against Iraqi Christians at the center of Mosul and has escalated during the past few days, to repeat the scenes of blood and murder because of identity that preceded the provincial elections in September and October 2008.
Within the last week, a number of Mosul University’s students and owners of shops and markets in different districts of Mosul, has been killed and all of them are Christians of the indigenous people of Mosul. Which made Christian families abandoned the city to the other sites more secure and the estimates of Hammurabi Organization indicates the arrival of number of families displaced by recent events up to 200 families to areas of the Nineveh Plain. They are taken monasteries, churches as a shelter for them. More than 1500 Christian students stopped going to colleges and institutes in Mosul because they have received a vague threats to target them.

The objectives of the demonstration: Urging the government, the federal and local executive authorities to bear the constitutional and legal responsibilities to protect its people in general and Christians in particular and immediate intervention to resolve the plight of Christians in Mosul and stop the wave of killings and bloodshed on the identity at Nineveh. In addition to finding solutions to the problem of Christian students at Mosul University, colleges and scientific institutions in it.

Thanks for accepting our invitation in advance …
For more information, please contact:
William Warda, the President of Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights (HHRO), Baghdad
Tel: 07901448651, 07705844314