Press Freedom Advocacy Association calls the government and security forces to rescue photojournalist Adnan al-Obeidi before his execution Wednesday evening

01077Association has learned to defend press freedom in Iraq, said the armed groups that kidnapped reporter channel Saladin Adnan al-Obeidi will be implemented sentenced to death Wednesday evening in the field of Al Alam.
The reporter channel of Salahuddin Qaesar Roudhan Alnahidi to the Association that the photojournalist Adnan al-Obeidi, was kidnapped by the organization “Islamic state” from his home in the area of Al Alam, eight days ago, and accused him of mishandling of photography to send the coordinates to fly the Iraqi Air, while not found in Iraq technique to send the coordinates on site
He said that the armed groups Alnahidi published photographs of the photographer journalist Adnan al-Obeidi, via social networking sites, accusing him of spying against them, confirming the existence of tribal mediation did not succeed until the moment
He also stressed Alnahidi disappearance correspondent channel free Ahmed National since the entry of the “Islamic state” Salahuddin province, have not been identified on the fate so far, pointing to the fleeing with a large number of journalists towards the Kurdistan region, including Baghdad, after it was seized homes and looting their property
Condemning the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, the continuing violations against journalists in Iraq, demanding the Iraqi government to intervene for the release of photojournalist Adnan al-Obeidi, and the investigation into the fate of reporter Ahmed national, and protect the rest of journalists fleeing from Tikrit.
The Assembly calls upon the security forces to take immediate action to save the life of al-Obeidi, in case of failure of tribal mediations, especially since al-Obeidi, accused of collaborating with the security forces