President Sleiman received the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Mar Ignatius Zakka I Iwass

?The President of the Republic General Michel Sleiman denounced the American film offending the honorable Muslim community and condemned the reactions that occurred which are in turn as disgraceful as the act itself.
Receiving at the Presidential Palace of Baabda the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Mar Ignatius Zakka I Iwass, the Bishops’ of Lebanon and the diaspora on the occasion of their second meeting, President Sleiman considered that what is occurring contradicts with the protection of public freedoms and affects the others’ liberties which goes against the values the Americans believe in. Furthermore, the President condemned the reaction which resorts to negativity and killing underlining the importance of the Lebanese dialogue model which is essentially founded on engaging all the society’s components in the management of the public affairs which reinforces convergence and coexistence as it represents the image of tomorrow thanks to globalization and the development of communication technologies and social networking among the peoples.
President Sleiman stressed the importance of supporting good orientations and encouraging such orientations not to retreat in the face of the evil forces that sow strife, terrorism and turmoil.
Patriarch Mar Ignatius Zakka I Iwass thanked the President at the beginning of the meeting for having received him commending his efforts to maintain stability in Lebanon in various fields.