Presentation of the drama (Begmenta) The Regret in Alkosh

begmenta2.jpgRayan Nekara /
On Thursday 8/5/2008 ,the drama of (Begmenta) The Regret was presented on the hall of Alkosh youth theater ,considering the first fruitful artistic cooperation between the artistic activity in Alkosh sport club and Shera theater team.
Begmenta is an objective comedy written by Saeed Shamya , directed by Basil Shamaya , leading role by Naheth Zera and Farin Soro with an elite of Alkosh theater stars.
The drama tackled an important humanitarian issue presenting how the greedy change the human being from a peaceful person into being covetous, practicing evil and hate against the people of the village because of money.

Actors and stage roles participated in the drama

Naheth Zera Yousif Haythem Jalo Ibrahim priest
Farin Soro Selma Basil Shamaya Shammo
Sero Soro Margo Marita Denkha Old
Rita Kegooga Maryam David Thaer Yaqoo
Bashar Kasha Salem Riva Odish Guard
Ziyad Khosho Sulayman Rizan Ramzi Guard

And a group of children