Pregnant Armenian Woman Murdered in Turkey

0809anna1.jpgYEREVAN (—The Armenian woman Anna Davtyan, who disappeared in Turkey about three weeks ago, has been murdered. The Sabah newspaper reported that 29-year-old Anna Davtyan, a resident of Charentsavan, Armenia, who was five months pregnant, disappeared in mid-July. A few days ago there were rumors in Charentsavan that the Armenian woman’s body had been found.

Talking to a RFE/Radio Liberty correspondent, Charentsavan Mayor Hakob Shahgaldyan confirmed the information. He reported that the woman’s mother, who left for Turkey to find her daughter, identified her body 90%. According to sources, her body was found in a channel.

The transportation of Davtyan’s body to Armenia has encountered problems – the body shows signs of torture. A spokesman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry Tigran Balayan told that the ministry is undertaking certain measures to return the body. Davtyan’s parents returned to Armenia on August 8.and are waiting for the results of a DNA analysis, which will be revealed in two months.

Information about Davtyan first appeared in the Turkish Sabah newspaper.