0-23441.jpg Being a Christian doctor in Kirkuk has become harrowing because of a wave of recent kidnappings that have occurred Asia News Reports. Christian doctors have been targeted by a terrorist group comprised of four brothers, who kidnapped and held medical professionals for ransom until the family paid exorbitant sums of money for their release.

Recently, four doctors have been kidnapped, three have left the city, and the director of a psychiatric hospital has been killed. The fear of being kidnapped or killed has caused many of Iraq’s much-needed doctors to leave the country, or to relocate to safer areas of Iraq. This has created a shortage of medical professionals, especially gynecologists, and has made it hard for pregnant women to find medical assistance. Fortunately, the four brothers who operated this kidnapping ring have been apprehended. They all confessed to the crime and stated that as Muslims the taking of ransom money from Christians was acceptable under Sharia law.

Pray that copycat terrorist organizations will not pick up where these four brothers left off and continue to kidnap medical professionals.
Pray that the Christian doctors who left Iraq will return and give the much-needed medical assistance to the country’s inhabitants.
Pray that the Lord will place a hedge of protection around the Christian doctors who live and work in Iraq.
Pray that Iraq’s Christian population will grow and flourish and emulate Christ for everyone to see.