Police ‘hit list’ targeting gunmen of Sydney invovled in crime

Mark Morri Crime Editor The Daily Telegraph
POLICE have their own “hit list”‘ of Sydney criminals they believe are involved in gun crime – as shooters, suppliers or guys who like to walk around with guns.

Already 185 people have been issued with Firearm Prohibition Orders (FPO) in the past few months – and police have vowed to increase the number over the next few months.

Brothers for Life, Rebels, Comancheros, Nomads, Hells Angels and Assyrian crime gangs have made up the majority of the orders.

“But we will look at anyone who is involved in gun crime, either organised or individually,” Operation Talon commander Detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate said.

“It (FPO) is a powerful piece of legislation which aids police significantly in fighting gun crime

“A lot of work goes into identifying those we issue the orders against and there are strict legislative guidelines we have to follow.”

Under the new laws, passed in November, police have the power to detain a person subject to a firearms prohibition order and enter their premises, any car, vessel or aircraft controlled or managed by someone and search without warrant.

“Once they have been issued with an order they face serious jail time for possessing a gun or being with someone else who has a gun in their possession,” Supt Dengate said.

“We don’t burst in the doors with guns drawn. The teams meet and we are prepared in case of trouble.”

Last year there were 52 instances of shots being fired at homes, down from 98 the previous year.