Police, Assyrians in a cultural dialogue

By Sally Lee
Fairfield Police will be holding a “Meet and Greet” Morning Tea at the station with the Assyrian woman’s group. Photo: Wesley Lonergan.
MORE than 35 members of the Assyrian community had a chance to mingle with Fairfield police for the first time last Thursday.

Traditional dishes were also shared during the morning tea meet and greet.

Organiser Margo Hawil said the meeting was a great success.

“Where we originally come from, the police were very distant with the community,” she said.

“So this was a wonderful way to know that the local police are part of the community, approachable and that they are here to help us.”
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Ms Hawil also wanted to share her culture with Fairfield police.

“There are many Assyrians living in Fairfield, so I also wanted to show our police that there are plenty of good people within our community,” she said.

Multicultural community liaison officer Dena Audicho, from Fairfield local area command, said the morning tea reinforced their ‘we are you’ message.

“We want to promote a better relationship with the Assyrian community and the ‘we are you’ message means the police are members of the community and are just like the rest of us.”
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