PJI using Trump’s refugee policy to help Christians

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Bill Bumpas (OneNewsNow.com)
hands on prison barsA conservative legal defense organization is trying to take advantage of a door of opportunity to help persecuted Christians get religious asylum in the United States.
The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) reports that a Christian missionary who was jailed and tortured by authorities in two Middle Eastern countries has recently been granted religious asylum by the U.S.

With a new administration in the White House, PJI President Brad Dacus explains there will be a greater opportunity to help persecuted Christians find safe haven in America.

“Especially over the last eight years, Christian have had a back seat when it comes to coming to the United States seeking asylum and protection,” Dacus contended. “Instead, other immigrants have received preferential – instead of those whose lives are literally on the line because of their faith.”

Dacus told OneNewsNow that the Obama administration put the country in a terrible position by bringing in more than 10,000 Syrian refugees without any proper vetting. To add insult to injury, he noted that just slightly more than 50 of the refugees were Christians.

“The Christians were being persecuted the greatest and were the most least protected – and most ignored – when it came to refugee status coming to the United States,” the legal expert explained.

Dacus maintains that while the Trump administration’s new policies are completely reversing the old immigration policy, PJI will be doing its part to protect those seeking asylum who are in the U.S.

“[We will defend Christians currently in America who wish to be granted asylum] and do not want to be sent back by the present system, where they will be sent to almost a certain torment, torture, or even death.”