Pastor of Al-Sakhra church in Basrah refuted the news of breaking into the church

Basrah / Exclusive
Mohamed Jawad Al-DEKHELI
The clergy man Amar Hikmat pastor of Al-Sakhra church refuted the news by SAWA American radio station and by other news agencies for arned breaking into the church, saying ” The church is safe and clergymen are well , Christians in Basrah are living peacefuly with love and respect to neighbours.
He added ” false news assured for breaking into a Sweden organization inside the church ,but in fact the organization is far from the church about 500 meter , and no relation between the church and organization workers.
The clergyman Amar Hikmat said ” the church is local for three years ago and has not any external relations .We are Iraqi’s from Basrah, praying God for peace and security in Iraq.
Religious rites are done freely ,visits are exchanged between politicians and clergymen , aiming for peace , love and Christian faith”.