Partners for home calls for the army to protect Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Student writer, journalist Samuel Ashaa founder partners of for the rebels Alhakiqin home to unite with the Egyptian army to overthrow the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, which pushed the Egyptians to fighting with each other.

And said Ashaa that it came to the entry of police are the first enemy, ignoring that these of the proletariat societal layers and is rich in seeking to protect the security of their home.

The opinion the Brotherhood Ashaa trying keep the armed forces away from the scene until the country’s chaos. He said that terrorist organizations are trained to murder and bloodshed, and owns large equipment and weapons, and therefore will not work one in Moajtha only the armed forces.

Said Ashaa that Brotherhood seek to contain anger of the Egyptian army, but we have to call our military great for docking with us to complete the revolution, and exclaim together motto immortal “army and the people supported the unit” do not forget to say in the face of Melcyatem “army of the people and the people of the army.”