Parliamentary and presidential elections started in Kurdistan region with various attendances for the electors from our Chaldean syriac Assyrian people

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Parliamentary and presidential elections started today in Kurdistan region of Iraq to choose 111 Member of Parliament and president for Kurdistan. Among those 111 seats, four election lists are competing for five seats for the Chaldean /Syriac/Assyrian people. The reports from there refer that the election process is proceed calmly and in good order, till now.
It has been noticed that the percentage of the attendance to the election centers in Ankawa, Duhok and Zakho varied during the morning and till noon. The attendance in Ankawa was about average, while it was “weak” in Zakho and very good in Duhok.
In Ankawa, which open seven election centers and two for the Kurdish electors in Koran region, started receiving the electors at 8 clocks in the morning similar to the other centers in Kurdistan.
The security is in its highest form near the election centers where the concrete barriers placed and many security people and police are spread around the centers and curfew was set to prevent vehicle from moving around in spite of the fact that there were no commitments from the cars owners.
 The elections proceed very smoothly in Duhok where the attendance was very good in the presence of the apparent security, as reported by our correspondent in the region.
img_05771.jpgThe situation was different in Zakho that situated near Duhok. The attendance in Hezha center in “Nassara” region, where mainly occupied by our Chaldean /Syriac/Assyrian  people, was poor by the electors and expected to increase by the coming hours. In spite of that, the election proceeds smoothly, in addition to the presence of the representatives of the four lists belong to our Caldean Syriac Assyrian people.