Paris: ‘Christians of the East’ exhibition

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A groundbreaking exhibition: ‘Christians of the Middle East’ has opened in Paris at the Institute of the Arab World, in partnership with l’Oeuvre d’Orient.
The show includes several rare exhibits brought to Europe for the first time – frescoes, icons, manuscripts, artifacts, photographs and film and sound recordings from the 2,000-year history of Christians in the Middle East – a heritage under threat in a region scarred by war and persecution.

The exhibition sets out to show how Christianity with its multi-faceted culture, rich heritage and long history has been instrumental in shaping the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and the Palestinian territories) of today. Items include the Gospels of Rabula, a famous Syriac illuminated manuscript from the 6th century, and the first known Christian drawings from Doura-Europos in Syria, dating from the 3rd century.

Inaugurated by French President Emmanuel Macron and his Lebanese counterpart Michel Aoun last Monday, the exhibition runs until 14 January 2018.