Patriarch: Christians will be extinct if West does nothing

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Iraq 07/03/2021
Speech of His Beatitude Ignatius Ephrem Joseph III Yonan (Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and all the East of the Syriacs) in the great Al-Tahira Syrian-Catholic Church (Church of the Immaculate Conception) during Pope’s visit to Qaraqosh (Baghdeda).

By Fionn Shiner AMID a spiraling economic crisis and an upsurge in violence, a Middle Eastern Patriarch says that if the West fails to help the Christians in Lebanon the community could soon be extinct. Continue reading

The Middle East Council of Churches Inaugurates the “Season of Creation” 2021 Ecumenical Prayer from the National Evangelical Church in Beirut

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Under the patronage and presence of the President of the National Evangelical Union in Lebanon and President of the Council for the Evangelical Family HE Reverend Dr. Habib Badr, the Middle East Council of Churches inaugurated the “Days of the Season of Creation” 2021 for the first time in the Middle East. An Ecumenical Prayer service Continue reading

Injured MP to walk marathon for ‘amazing charity’

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Rehman Chishti posing with ACN t-shirt ahead of announcement he will run the London marathon for the charity

By Fionn Shiner A PARLIAMENTARIAN recognised for his commitment to religious freedom is to walk the equivalent of the London Marathon in aid of a Catholic charity– in spite of an injury that at first left him barely able to stand. Continue reading

Call from Iraqi doctors to the community 

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We , Iraqi Australian doctors, have been privileged to look after your health for many years. Our main goal is to work with and for you. You have for many years entrusted us with your health and listened to our clinical judgment. Now we are asking you again, to trust our judgment about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine to combat this deadly virus. Continue reading

Syriac Culture and Its Future Perspective

Yusuf Begtas

The historical traces of Syriac culture and its unique structure in the realm of art, crafts, architecture, folklore, economy can be seen in different regions of Turkey such as Antakya, ?skenderun, Adana, Malatya, Urfa, Elaz??, Ad?yaman, Diyarbak?r, Mardin, Van, Continue reading

The Benefits of Generosity

Yusuf Begtas :Our lives belong to us as much as they belong to others; our lives belong to this life as much as they belong to another. Helping and supporting one another with unconditional love and for the benefit of the fellow man is imperative for Continue reading

Masks and Intentions

Yusuf Begtas :Beyond known meanings, masks that hide the true nature of one’s self/personality are deceptive intentions/speech/actions and manipulative behavior/roles that conceal sincere emotions and true appearance. In this negative fashion, one experiences a terrifying alienation both towards themselves and those they are in Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Yusuf Begtas :From a religious standpoint, the immaterial, invisible beings that are believed to be created from light and who serve as mediators between God and humans are called angels. In other words, they are sinless, radiant and spiritual beings that cannot be perceived through sense organs or seen with the eye; they serve God, Continue reading

The Search and a Graveyard Visit

Yusuf Begtas

In a world where everything is in a state of change and transformation, nothing can stay the same. Nothing can be the same. For this reason, each person’s perception of life and self as well as their search is different. In the same way, the search for meaning is also unique to each person. However, to put it in general terms, the search for meaning Continue reading

‘Five minutes to zero hour’

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Father Jad Chlouk, parish priest at St. George Maronite Cathedral in Beirut

By John Newton A PRIEST grappling with Lebanon’s crisis has appealed for action to safeguard the future of the country’s ancient Christian community ahead of tomorrow’s historic meeting between the Pope and Church leaders. Continue reading

ACN praises bishop who set up refugee lifeline

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Food distribution to the Syrian refugees during the corona times under strict hygiene conditions: Food distribution at St-Georges Haouch Al Omara. (Lately, due to the high demand on the free hot meals served at Saint John the Merciful Table, and to prevent gathering of large groups of people, some of the meals were prepared at Saint John the Merciful table and taken to St-Georges Church At Haouch al Omara to be distributed to the people living in Haouch Al Omara and the nearby.)
Humanitarian Feeding program „Saint John the Merciful Table” for Syrian refugees and others in Zahle area and Bekaa Valley (03/ 2019 – 03/ 2020)
LEBANON / ZAHLEH-MLC 20/00058 ID: 2001204
” Saint John the Merciful Table” for Syrian refugees and others in Zahle area and Bekaa Valley (03/ 2020- 02/ 2021)

By John Newton A CATHOLIC charity has offered a heartfelt tribute of thanks on the retirement of a Lebanese bishop who has spearheaded an aid programme that has come to the rescue of thousands of refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict. Continue reading

Parliament of Australia passing Assyrian motion.

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In a historic and unprecedented move at the request of the Assyrian National Council-Australia (ANC), the Australian House of Representatives passed a lengthy and comprehensive motion without objection recognizing the Assyrian people are the original and the indigenous people of Iraq. The motion goes on calling on Iraqi Continue reading

Pray that peace will hold in the Holy Land

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Dr. Thomas Heine-Geldern (the Executive President of ACN International.)
Photo by Wolfgang Zarl

By Fionn Shiner THE international president of a leading Catholic charity has expressed sorrow at the violence that has killed more than 242 people in the Holy Land as well as hope that the ceasefire struck early today (Friday, 21st May) will hold. Continue reading

With the escalation of confrontations in occupied Jerusalem The Middle East Council of Churches renews its call to lift the occupation of the Palestinian people

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With the escalation of confrontations in Jerusalem and the dangerous course that developments in the Holy Land are taking, the Middle East Council of Churches issued a statement in which it considered that the violent events raging in occupied Palestine, which are still increasing in intensity daily, are nothing but an inevitable result of Continue reading