New Book: Syriac Culture and ?nner Transformation

Yusuf Begtas :Every thought is a seed sown in the soil of life. Every seed inherently has the potential to sprout into a seedling, grow into a tree and eventually turn into a huge forest. This is because every tree harbours a living essence that develops into fruit. With the right soil, the right aeration, sufficient water and the right care, a seed will inevitably Continue reading

The Birth of Christ and Inner Peace

Yusuf Begtas

In Syriac, ???? means “naf?o / naf?a”, known as the SELF, both the soul and the ego. It stands for the untamed self that exists within the soul. CHRIST was born to establish the supremacy of the power of the spirit in earthly life and to resolve the inner Continue reading

The Meaning of Spiritual Rituals

All rituals performed in the churches of the Lord serve an ultimate purpose. Whether it is a holiday, a fast or some other ritual, they are all designed to improve us by bringing us closer to the virtuous and achieving higher development. Continue reading

Life and Rules

Yusuf Begtas:Driving a vehicle without knowing traffic rules or taking account of the vehicle’s hardware and road conditions makes for a rough and difficult ride. Sometimes even this is not enough. The speed of moving vehicles must also be taken into account. Continue reading

Administrative Approaches in Syriac Culture


Yusuf Begtas :Since Syriac culture, which sees God in man and the universe, is based on realizing the common good through love and knowledge, administrative matters are based on governance, love, and altruism. Love here does not mean how one feels toward those under the administration but how one treats them. It is essential to serve with Continue reading

Syriac Culture and Self-Knowledge 

Yusuf Begtas

Syriac culture, which has unique folkloric qualities, values the power of people who use their talents and creativity to express and convey to others the colors and emotions of their inner world in the most aesthetic way possible. With its characteristic outreaching and Continue reading

“Evil is whatever distracts. (…) What if the satanic hunting party drives me straight into the Good? (…) Evil knows of the Good, but Good does not know of Evil. (…) Sometimes, evil assumes the form of good, in fact, embodies it completely. If this fact remains hidden to me, no doubt I shall succumb, for such a good is more enticing than actual good.”  Franz Kafka (1883-1924).

Moral Evil Yusuf Begtas

In this quote, famous writer Kafka mentions moral evil, drawing attention to the principle of “considering the consequences of every event and acting with restraint”. Continue reading

Book Presentation to His All Holiness the Patriarch

Yusuf Begtas:We must own our possessions without letting them own us. Those who are able to show this boldness and courage, and those who successfully carry this out in their lives achieve the highest rank possible. Accordingly, the more love and goodwill there is, the more life becomes meaningful and fulfilling. Continue reading

A Visit to Derkube Village.

Yusuf Begtas:Over there… just over there… far away… there’s a village atop happiness hormone-secreting Turabdin. Though we might never visit it, that village belongs to us… Continue reading

The Meaning and Importance of Spiritual Rituals in Syriac Culture

Yusuf Begtas:In Syriac culture, the spiritual rituals performed with music-especially in churches-have a deep, multifaceted philosophy. The main purpose of these rituals of didactic character and educational meaning is to counter and affiliate the pathological problems of the mind with the warmth of the stable and therapeutic thoughts of the Continue reading

The Glory of the Spirit and Nobleness of Intelligence

Yusuf Begtas: No entity in nature, whether organic or inorganic, exists solely for its own self. Due to the natural system, everything is interdependent. Just as the sun does not rise for itself, neither does a tree bear fruit for itself. The same goes for us humans. By virtue of mutual need, we must complete and better one another with love and without Continue reading