Outrage sparks in Iraq after Shia Endowment chief incites against Christians

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A total of 180 Iraqi Christian families had sued Alaa Al-Musawi, head of Shia Endowment, after he said that Christians are infidels, media reports said on Sunday.
In a speech that was televised earlier, Musawi called for Jihad against Christians and Mandaeans as he claim that they are infidels. The families shouldered him the responsibility for Christians’ suffering in Iraq.

Ryan Chaldean, Secretary General of Christian Babylon Movement, accused Musawi of inciting hatred against Christians. He denounced describing Christians and Mandaeans as infidels. Chaldean said that this echoes ISIS’ ideas.

Shia Endowment issued a statement saying that the video is a new conspiracy plotted against the Endowment as Musawi’s statements concerning Jihad were misunderstood.