Our Students, Our Future, Our Hope.

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During our recent trip to Iraq on 28th , March, 2017 we had the great privilege of touring some of the various Assyrian schools in Nohadra, north of Iraq accompanied by Rabi Fareed Yacoub, Supervisor of the Syriac Language
and Chairman of the Curriculum Translation Committee.

Nasaben High School, Akitu Primary School and Akad Primary School were a few of the schools we had the pleasure to visit.

Nasaben High School, a co-educational institution, was established in 1998 and is currently run by the Principal Zaia Youkhana and assisted by his deputy Rev Father Shawel Younan.

Upon visiting a few classes, we were greatly impressed that all the lessons were being taught in our Assyrian language. Seeing the students and staff engage in our native tongue renewed our hope that a bright future exists for our nation in Iraq. A future built on the legacy of our forefathers and ancestors.

Akitu Primary School is also a co-educational system, run by Principal Maureen Adam. The happy and enthusiastic students welcomed us and were eager to display their academic abilities. Once again, we were excited to see lessons taught in our native Assyrian.

Akad Primary School is a co-educational school, established in 2007 and run by Principal Issa Yacoub.

The curriculum is also set in Assyrian and the fluency of the students was overwhelmingly pleasing to witness.

The schools do, however, face some obstacles, such as regional issues, as they are based in the north of Iraq, and lack of transport facilities like buses to transfer students to and from school.

Another dilemma faced by the schools is the compulsory teachings of Simko Alshikak, the traitor whom martyred Assyrian Patriarch Mar Shimon Benjamin. The Kurdish government still insists that this material is taught, however Rabi Fareed, and other Assyrians, are working to remove this content from the curriculum.

Since the implementation of the Assyrian Education System, the majority of the funding and aid has come from Assyrian Aid Society. Due to the ongoing financial pressures in this region, the Assyrian Aid Society has an even greater responsibility to continue its efforts in running and maintaining these school.

We acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the principals, faculty and students of these amazing schools. We are also grateful for the Assyrian Aid Society, and their continued support, and the Assyrian Democratic Movement for making their vision a reality and establishing the schools.

We, together with the great Assyrian nation around the world, can help and support these schools to ensure that our students grow academically in their educational environment, thus preparing them as leaders of our nation and communities. The leaders of tomorrow.

Any donation to such a worthy cause is greatly appreciated and welcomed. There are Assyrian Aid Society branches world wide. Please give generously and help educate the children of our homeland.




Immanuel Sada,
Sydney, Australia.