Open letter from Iraqi associations in Finland

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Open letter to whom it concerns: Stop Crimes Against the Iraqi Peoples! For a month, the Iraqis uprising against the current sectarian and corrupt system in Iraq continues, aiming to change the current unbearable situations.

Despite the peaceful protests, the current government is directing the security forces to confront the demonstrations with live bullets and tear gas canisters directed at the protester’s heads, killing them in most cases and abduction and arrest of activists. So far, more than 260 protesters killed and more than 12 thousand wounded. We call on you to intervene immediately to stop these crimes and to be in solidarity with the Iraqi people demanding their rights. The Iraqi people deserve a better life. Helsinki 2019.11.5 Signatories Independent personalities Iraqi Cultural Society in Finland Mandaeans Society of Finland Assyrian Society of Finland East Christian Association Ishtar Social Association in Finland For more details: 0415016970