Open Doors closing doors on ISIS

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Iraqi churchA persecution watchdog group is doing its part to make sure ISIS does not see its stated goal accomplished in the Nineveh Plains.
Months after the region was liberated from the control and destruction of the Islamic State, the slow rebuilding process in Iraq continues. But David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA, says the job is not finished as they focus on trying to help Christians resettle in the region.

“They stated that it was to push Christians and Yazidis out of that area,” says Curry, remembering the original purpose behind the Islamic Jihadists’ occupation. “If we allow them to do that, and the end result is that hundreds of thousands of Christians have left and they never come back, they succeeded; even though they lost their territory, their purposes have been met. We can’t allow that to happen.”

So Currys’ organization is doing something about it.

“We are helping to relocate Christians there to be salt and light in their faith and in the community, and in the politics, and business, and all things that Christians are a part of as good citizens,” he tells OneNewsNow.

Open Doors and its partners have reportedly rebuilt nearly 700 Christian homes that were destroyed by ISIS in the Nineveh Plains.