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+ The Syriac School is an online school that teaches the Syriac language in an academic manner, using a set of distance education tools via the internet.
+ The learner learns to read, write and speak through a curriculum based on two levels, beginner and intermediate, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
+ The educational stage is approximately 150 hours, distributed on 14 months, at the rate of 2.5 study hours per week. The learner learns and exercises himself, as well as distributes his educational lessons whenever and wherever he/ she wants. The school is supervised by specialized supervisors to answer learner’s inquiries during the learning phase.
+ The Syriac course consists of hundreds of educational sections and homework, in addition to thousands of interactive exercises to enhance and test the learner’s skills in reading, writing, and hearing using multiple methods.
+ All sections and interactive exercises include audio recordings that help the learners to learn the proper pronunciation of words and sentences.
+ The school uses the classical Syriac language (Kthobonoyo), translated into English and Arabic, it teaches reading and writing in the Western Syriac script (Ser?o) with the ability to display Syriac words in Es?rangela script.
+ This school is considered the first interactive Syriac school in the manner, it leads itself automatically from the moment of registration and payment of fees until the learner completes the educational phase and obtains an honorary certificate from the school.
+ The goals of the Syriac School are to contribute to spreading and teaching the Syriac language and to dedicate the profits of this school for the benefit of charitable work.
+ This school is the result of a family’s effort, that has worked hard for many years to achieve this project, which we are very proud of.
* Pierre Gergi: Electronic curriculum and web development.
* Perla Touma: Control of general digital content.
* Shamoun Gergi: Technical development and video production.
* Giorgio Gergi, Shamoun Gergi, PerlaTouma, and Pierre Gergi.
We thank everyone who contributed their expertise and voluntary work to the success of this project:
* Fr. Antoine Dalyappo: Control and development of the Syriac curriculum.
*Ms. Farida Boulos: English translation and proofreading.
* Dr. Suzanne Kharpoutli Bsalis: Translation and editing of both English and Arabic languages.
* Mrs. Laila Dalyappo: Reviewing and checking the Syriac language
* Eng. Khaled Touma: Software development.
* Eng. Omar Kaddour: Logo design & Front-end.
* Eng. Pierre Gergi: CEO & founder.
+ This work is dedicated to the soul of Mr. Abrohom Nuro who gave his life to the Syriac language.
+ The school is licensed in Sweden and is subject to taxation.

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