On the Decision of the Arab League Regarding Syria

 Commenting on the decisions that the Arab Ministerial Council issued today, Saturday, 12 November, regarding the Syrian regime’s rejection of the Arab League Initiative, an official source in the Syrian National Council made the following remarks:

The Syrian National Council welcomes the decisions that the Arab Ministerial Council issued, considers them a step in the right direction, and a clear condemnation of the Syrian regime, which has persisted in its killing and destruction campaigns. These decisions confirm the vitality of the Arab role in supporting the Syrian people.

What has been achieved so far was a natural result of the struggles of our people in the face of a brutal regime, and the Syrian people deserve all the credit for that. The sacrifices of the Syrian people were the main motivation in changing the Arab and International positions in favor of the Syrian Revolution.

The National Council, extends a gesture of gratitude to all Arab nations that confirmed standing by our people, and to the Ministerial Commission headed by Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Jaber Al Thani, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar. The Council also expresses its appreciation for the participation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, lead by His Highness Prince Saud Al-Faisal. The Council also confirms that the decisions issued by the Arab League must be implemented immediately to prevent the regime from exploiting the opportunity to kill more civilians and demonstrators.

The National Council emphasizes its readiness to participate in discussions regarding the transitional period within the scope of the Arab League, to ensure the stepping down of Bashar Al-Assad and the transition to a democratic government that represents the Syrian people and does not anyone from the regime whose hands have been tainted with blood.

Additionally, the National Council extends its hand to any political forces and national figures which have not yet decided their position, in the interest of unifying and assembling the national ranks to deal with this stage and work together to bring about the desired democratic change.

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Ausama Monajed, member of Syrian National Council
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