Offensive Graffiti Removed From Assyrian Genocide Monument

2.gifAssyrian International News Agency
Fairfield, Australia — Assyrian teens banded together to clean up graffiti on the new genocide memorial in Edensor Park, following last week’s attack by vandals.
Assyrian Universal Alliance secretary-general Hermiz Shahen thanked the youths, who removed most of the graffiti within a day of hearing the monument had been desecrated.
“They heard about it on the news and were very upset,” Mr Shahen said. “They went down there immediately to clean it up.”
Just three weeks after it was unveiled, the $70,000 monument on the corner of Smithfield Road and Elizabeth Drive was vandalised.
The attack didn’t come to a surprise to many, with fears the monument would elevate tensions between the Turkish and Assyrian communities.
Mr Shahen is expecting vandals to strike again but is hoping the council will join his fight to deter more attacks.
“We are negotiating with them to see what measures we can take,” Mr Shahen said.
“We will see whether we should put up a fence around it even though that is something we never wanted.
“We wanted to leave it as is – open for everyone.”
Mr Shahen said it was also up to the police to catch the criminals responsible for the attack.
“We are still waiting on information from the police,” Mr Shahen said. “If they don’t find who did this, they will definitely do it again.”
Mr Shahen said the monument was almost completely cleaned up.
A plaque, dedicated to the victims of the Assyrian genocide during World War I, was also stolen but would be replaced by the end of the week.
By Laura Speranza