Oakland County mother a star of new ‘Motor City Wives’ show WITH VIDEO

Suzanne Lossia hopes to use her appearance in “Motor City Wives,” which may premiere this fall, to show that people around Detroit aren’t all living in poverty.

Lossia, who grew up in West Bloomfield Township, is the only one on the show from Oakland County and will be the first local Chaldean who has starred on a national reality TV show.

“No one really knows who the Chaldeans are,” she said. “I’m not representing the Chaldean community, though, but rather representing myself as a Chaldean.”

A large number of Chaldean Americans — Catholic immigrants from Iraq — live in Detroit.

Lossia had an arranged marriage, but now she is divorced.

“I went on a date, got engaged a week later and got married six months after that,” she said. “I’m a single mom, and this was my first opportunity to do something for myself.”

Although she feels it is good to “branch out of her community,” Lossia said some people disagree. Nevertheless, she keeps a positive attitude.

“For every one hater, there are 1,000 lovers,” she said. Continued…

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Lossia said all that matters to her is that everyone in “her circle” has been supportive, especially her ex-husband, Tony, and their two sons, who are 14 and almost 16.

“My family was all for it,” she said. “My mom asked if it was going to be anything like ‘Oprah,’ and my dad said I could do it as long as one piece of hair doesn’t come out of my head.”

Lossia was first spotted for this role by producers and cast members who were at the same wedding event at the Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township.

“The producer said, ‘Look what she’s wearing! She looks great!’” she said. “She liked me and thought I was the next Kim Kardashian.”

One week later, Lossia met with attorneys and the “wives.”

The show has already been filming at several locations in Detroit, inside Lossia’s home and at one of the producer’s homes.

“They say I’m a natural since I’m blunt and straightforward,” she said. “What you see is what you get with me.”

One of the goals of the show is to “showcase” the Motor City.

“We’re all about bringing back Detroit,” Lossia said. “The media tarnished it, but we have a chance to showcase it.”

Since Lossia is from Oakland County, she also plans to show people what Oakland County “really is.” Continued…

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“People in Oakland County have 10,000- to 40,000-square-foot homes, and people say Detroit is broke,” Lossia said.

As of today, it is still uncertain which network will pick up the show; however, it is rumored that VH1 will. The cast also has yet to be “officially” announced.

“You’ll just have to wait until fall, you know, for the premiere,” Lossia said