NSW Local Government the first authority in the world recognising the Assyrian Genocide back during August 2002

img_0001.jpgTo honour the memory of all victims of the Assyrian genocide in an effort to attain the justice of a living memory for them and to prevent any further horrors of that sort by educating all mankind towards the guiding ideals of humanity and solidarity among all people.A letter from the Assyrian Universal Alliance in Australia was addressed back on 12 June 2002, to Mr Michael N. Mason, executive manager at Fairfield City Council, calling upon our local government and urge them for the unrestricted official and public recognition of the Assyrian genocide by the Ottoman Turkish Empire from 1915-23. On 18 June 2002, a request letter from the Mayor of Fairfield city, Councilor Anwar Khoshaba, J.P. was addressed to Councillor Peter Woods OAM, President of Local Government Association of NSW , the governing body for 176 local councils in the State of New South Wales, asking him to support the AUA petition. On Friday, 16 August 2002, Ms Suzy David, the former Deputy Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, together with Mr. Hermiz Shahen Chapter Secretary of Australia and Dr. Racho Donef attended a special conference of the NSW Local Government Association in the city, Ms. David presented and propounded a speech about the Assyrian Genocide that held the interest of their Executive, a copy of a submission prepared by the Australian Chapter was handed to all members. The Executive of the Association unanimously recognised the Assyrian Genocide. It was the first instance of a governmental authority in the world recognising the Assyrian Genocide perpetrated against the Assyrian people in the period 1914/18.. The NSW Local Government Association has further passed a motion asking the Australian Local Government Association to also recognise the Assyrian Genocide. The President of the Executive of the NSW Local Government Association, Councillor Peter Wood also proposed that the Association send letters to the Premier of NSW, Hon. Robert Carr and the Prime Minister of Australia, Hon. John Howard, to urge them to recognise the Assyrian Genocide.Unfortunatly the Former Prime Minister of Australia the Hon. John Howard rejected the proposal to recognise the Assyrian genocide.
The geocide recognition was also posted to the NSW Local Government Association Web-site back in August 2002 . Please refere to the attached doccuments
Letter of the Prime Minster of Australia – Australia – September 17, 2002
Letter from the Local Government Association of NSW – Australia – August 19, 2002
Letter of Mayor of Fairfield – Australia – June 18, 2002
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