Nineveh Press presents Armenia Mon Amour

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A group of European scholars, writers, professors and politicians are proud to present their love letter to Armenia.

Armenia, Mon Amour. Ten Europeans Speak is a collection of perceptive, moving and amusing essays authored by Harald Bothner (Norway), Dr. Bernard Coulie (Belgium), Frank Engel (Luxemburg), Dr. Bálint Kovács (Hungary), Dr. Svante Lundgren (Sweden), Dr. Jakub Osiecki (Poland), Stephen Pound (UK), Kate Royster (Denmark), Silvia Schmid (Germany) and Dr. Serafim Seppälä (Finland). From lavash and brandy to genocide and revival, Armenia Mon Amour is a compilation of the authors’ recollections of dramatic events, lasting friendships and political struggles from Armenia’s capital of Yerevan to the small, mountainous villages of Artsakh. 

Lundgren and Seppälä are the editors of this anthology, which will be published in mid-December. Pre-orders are available now through Nineveh Press.

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Nineveh Press presents Armenia Mon Amour