Nigervan Albarazany agrees to the resignation request of the minister Johnson Asiawash – Exclusive
Translated by Rashwan Issam Aldaqaq

The Prime Minister of Iraq Kurdistan Regional Government, Mr Nigervan Albarazany, approved on Monday, 15th of September 2014, the resignation request of the minister of transport and communications, Mr Johnson Asiawash, from the eighth ministry council. Mr Asiawash had requested his resignation on the 14th of last August in solidarity with the displaced Christian people from Nineveh Plane and because of their bad and very difficult situations.
The resigned minister stressed again in a telephone conversation with the site of that he did not resign because of the way of running his ministry, but the resignation came in sympathy and solidarity of the suffering displaced Christians from Nineveh Plane to the Iraqi Kurdistan region. He added the resignation was also representing a protest against the negligence of the authorities of the Province to Christian people, where they are still even now sleeping in public parks.
Mr Asiawash also said that his resignation was a personal attitude and has nothing to do with the Chaldean Assyrian Syriac Foundation Council who is one of its leaders.
It should be mentioned that Mr Johnson Asiawash had been appointed minister for transport and communication at the seventh ministry council of Kurdistan Regional Government in April 2012 and his appointment was renewed at the current eighth ministry council in June last year.

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