New details explain the martyrdom of Behnam Khathory Matloob. The martyr was a victim for his sincerity and integrity – Exclusive site posted two days ago, quoting a Press story, that three employees were killed in Erbil branch of Mosul bank after breaking fight between them. The incident included the deacon martyr Behnam Khathory Matloob.
  Recently, we received the details from reliable sources explaining the incident and confirming that the deceased Behnam Khathory was a victim for his faithfulness and integrity that characterized him overall his life.
  In last, sad, Thursday, the 2nd of September 2010, the late Behnam was accompanied a committee came from the main branch in Mosul to perform the routine annual check-up of the treasury belonging to the bank. The work continued that day beyond of the normal working hours because the committee members wanted to finish the checking as soon as possible. Because of his faithfulness and unlimited integrity known about Behnam, he continued to work with the committee until the evening. During this time his family was in contact with him because he delayed to returning home, even in the last few minutes before the heinous crime where everything was normal.
  At 7.15 pm his colleague, Mr. Amor Findakly, informed Behnam family that he was suffering from sudden illness and was taken to an emergency unit in Aljamhory hospital. At once the family went to the hospital but they couldn’t find him there. So, they contacted Mr. Findakly again and he told them that the deceased was in Raskary hospital. They went there and search in the emergency unit and couldn’t find him. Finally the family was informed of the painful news that he lay in the forensic medical unit in the hospital after being shot in the head which was enough to kill him.
  On Friday morning his body was transferred to his rented house in Ankawa. After that the body was buried in a solemn funeral because he was a deacon loved his church and known to all of Ankawa people and other displaced people from Mosul and other places.
  In that afternoon, the bank manager accompanied by a number of his staff attended the condolence ceremony. We asked them about the incident and the reason for the killing; they informed us that the deceased, when he was checking the inventory and records of the treasury, discovered a forged check worth 400,000 dollar. After the investigation by the committee, it was clear that the treasurer was involved in that forgery. Instead of informing the police and putting him in prison, the bank manager gave him a chance to pay back the money until Sunday.
  Then, a number of the committee members went out to have their Iftar meal as they were fasting the holy month of Ramadan because they are Muslims. They were supposed to return back after the Iftar to complete the inventory work. But during the time of leaving the coward criminal performed his crime and assassinated the martyr of faithfulness and integrity Behnam Khathory and killed also one of the bank guards and then killed himself by the gun he was carrying.
  All these have been documented by the surveillance cameras those operate all the time, round the clock. These cameras were examined by specialists to show the painful reality.