Narsai Assyrian Christian College students fill food hampers

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By Kirstie Chlopicki
Helping hands: Student representative council members Maryam Basim, Matthew Francis, Teresa Haroon, Lina Ishak, and Augen Sifoo have been collecting nonperishable food items for Salvation Army hampers. Picture: Simon Bennett
STUDENTS from Narsai Assyrian Christian College are reaching out to lend a hand during the Christmas season.

Members of the student representative council have led the charge in gathering donated food items from students to create hampers for those less fortunate.

The hamper drive has brought the 450 school students together in an effort to make sure that everyone in the community has something to eat for christmas this year.

Lina Ishak, 13, said she had enjoyed being part of the drive for the first time and hoped that it would make a difference.

“I like helping people, and I think it’s my duty as a Christian,” she said.

“Each morning we go around and ask if anyone has donated food.

“We’re advantaged to have food for Christmas and to sit and eat.”

Students have been collecting nonperishable food items for two weeks and have just finished wrapping their five Christmas hampers.

The food will be picked up by the Salvation Army this week and distributed to families in need.
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Year 9 student Maryam Basim, 15, says the appeal is important to the students because they value helping people.

“It’s important to give more than you receive,” she said. “We want to help others have a good Christmas.”

Teacher Adwena David said the each year group prepared a basket of food year group. As the school grows it hopes to receive one from each home room.

“They’re very giving,” she said of the students. They’re always asking what they can do and what they can bring.”