My Last Thoughts About Iraq


A majestic portfolio of thoughts from Iraqi poet Paul Batou, this volume stands as a gathering of Batou’s poems, essays, and reflections, each capturing an unforgettable facet of Iraq, and collectively embodying the author’s immortal love for his homeland.

My Last Thoughts About Iraq is — in many ways — a reservoir of Batou’s emotions, hopes, and dreams. Here, he pours his heart and talents out as he rhapsodizes about his search for love, life, freedom, and peace in his native land, — once the bastion of civilization, Mesopotamia, now merely a land of pain, humiliation, and destruction.book1.jpg

Through the powerful pieces of this epic anthology, one will see the magnificence of Mesopotamia in another time, as well and understand the diverse elements behind its demise — the politics, wars, business, greed, jealousy. A social commentary of sorts, this work stands as a monumental tribute to the people, the heritage, and the legacy of Iraq.
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