Music Bands Perform Concerts within Music on the Road Project

Damascus, – Tango Band performed on Friday evening a concert at al-Jahez Park in Damascus city within the ‘Music on the Road’ Project being held by Sada Cultural and Musical Association in cooperation with Damascus Governorate.

The band presented world-famous tango pieces that belong to a unique Latin artistic type of tango music.

The band’s Director Iyad Jinawy said that the tango band is the first band which presents this kind of music. There are many people who listen to this music and study the tango dance but there is no band which presents the tango, so the band worked from the beginning of this year in an attempt to comprise a Tango Orchestra and tango dancers who present their shows accompanied by the music.
In the same context, Mar Aphram Surreal Choral headed by Chadi Sarweh presented, at al-Zaiton alley a surreal songs in both Arabic and Syriac languages.

Sarweh said that the choral aims at reviving the popular surreal heritage through re-presenting the Syriac ancient songs in new style.
He added that the evening comes within the “Once Upon a Time in Syria” (Yuhka in Syria) Festivity which was kicked off by Music on the Road Project.

The festivity aims at reviving the non-Arabic locally spoken languages like Syriac and Aramaic languages.

A jazz evening was performed at al-Qashlah Park in Damascus by Bassel Rajoub band.
Rajoub’s team performed some western musical peices in new musical distribution.