murdering one of our fellow Christians, Mr. Fadhala Hazem Fadhel Batti in Baghdad

On July 4,2007, Baghdad / Meshtal district, a terrorist killed Mr. Fadhala Hazem Fadhel Batti publicly at mid-day. The killer shot him 3 times while he was in his shop and he died, The murdered victim was born in 1967, married with two children, Marews age three years and a half and Alber age one year and nine months, we pray for the mercy and his eternal live, we have no choice than to challenge the war and the violence with peace and grace.
Hereby this article I raise my voice in face of the criminals who are killing our fellow brothers and sisters everyday.
We pray for justice to be done. We also pray for God to provide grace and comfort for Mr. Batni, his family, and all our fellow Christian martyrs.

Saher Adwar Batti