Mrs. Amera Abdi Al-maseh Hurmez was murdered in Samera City.

Mrs. Amera Abdi Al-maseh Hurmez who was born in 1970 in Telsqof Town, wife of Mr. Jalal Shaeeya Marogi had an appointment with destiny which took her away from continuing her dream of growing and caring for her 7 kids, the oldest of which is 16 years old, and the youngest is two months.

What could this lady have been guilty of, in order to be a victim of unmerciful wickedness?!

Let’s hope for judgment on those who committed this crime and stole her dream which was to care for her 7 kids until they grew up.

But with one bullet they buried her dreams!

Live in peace in paradise and we pray for comfort to your husband and children, parents sisters and brothers who had the pleasure to live with your happiness and innocent smile.

Another family’s dream is impossible.