MP Joseph Sliwa: serious attempts to make a demographic change in the Christians land in Nineveh Plain

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Translation: Rivan hakim
The Iraqi representative of the Christian component, Joseph Saliwa, revealed to “Al-Arabi Aljadeed” what he called the serious attempts to change the demography in the areas of Christians, Chaldeans, Assyrians and Syrians in the Nineveh Plain. He added :”Unfortunately, yes, there are attempts to change the demographic in these areas, where the distribution of plots of land to the militants of the Shabak Shiites within the Christian areas, and not give them within their areas adjacent to us, leaving their areas where they are supposed to be awarded this award, so Their lands are retained, while obsessing the lands of others.
Sliwa pointed out that “the serious issue that it is framed through the law, and is highly exploited, there is no different between who does this and ISIS, but they are worse, when carrying these schemes out towards the rest of the other components.” “Without a doubt, we will have a talk about this malicious project in Nineveh, specifically, to preserve our historic areas of demographic change,” he said.