MP Haitham al-Jubouri visits Bent Al-Rafedain Organization and praises its efforts in support of the Iraqi women

Wasan Alzubadi / BROB
MP Haitham al-Jubouri Praised during his visit to the headquarters of Bent Al-Rafedain Organization (BROB) in 01/01/2013, the organization’s efforts in supporting and empowering Iraqi women and especially the efforts in Elimination of violence against women and the great efforts in the latest project in the provision of the proposed law for the province of Babylon to establishment a center to help women from domestic violence voted by Council on 11/12/2012.
MP Jubouri has said during his visit: “what the organization is doing is great efforts and fruitful to serve Iraqi women and is the pride of all us, especially as the Organization’s programs and projects serve the public interest and often see the fruits of those “.
AL-Jubouri also stressed:” I will support step of the provincial council and coordinate on activating this law and turn it into a reality on the ground, and we are with the Council and Bent Al-Rafedain for the establishment of this center, which is a bright spot in the history of our province”.
It is worth mentioning that the organization launched a campaign advocacy during 2012 about the legal protection which resulted in a vote the province of Babylon on the law to help women against domestic violence, which will establish the Help Center for Women in addition to the establishment of View parent center and this is the success of the Iraqi civil society where this is the first initiative in the history of Iraqi civil society, which has achieved real success on the ground as it is the first in the history of the provincial councils.