Movie on Armenian and Assyrian massacres in Turkey to be released

ANKARA. – A Turkish professor at the Batman University in Turkey has shot a movie on Armenian and Assyrian massacres, perpetrated at the beginning of the 20th century.

His movie will make a fuss, as he raised such a theme, Turkish Haberler reports. The movie tells about the 1915 forced deportations of the Armenians and sending them to the Deir al-Zour desert, as well as the hard conditions of those times and the robbers’ attacks, due to which great number of Armenians were murdered.

The movie testifies how then Diyarbakir Governor had ordered to deport all the Christians. The documentary, however, deals more with the massacres perpetrated against the Assyrians, as well as demographic data of the Assyrians having lived in Mardin, Nusaybin, Midyat and Bashir.