Motor City Wives Features Chaldean Cast Member

By Mary Esho ::
Michigan, USA – “I think the show will be fun to watch. I think Suzanne will be type casted as some gorgeous out-of-the-dessert repressed freak that is waiting to explode. They will take hundred hours of footage and use less than one. In that one they will give her a back-story of being repressed and missing out on the crazy and wild side of life that she will now want to relive,” says Abby Hesano, a Motor City TV show critic.

Hesano is talking about a new Detroit TV Show titled Motor City Wives. The show features Chaldean Suzanne Lossia as a bombshell waiting to explode.

“Detroit is good for drama. Detroit has been cast by Hollywood with stereotypical sentiments of crime, race, and raunchiness.” Hesano adds with a gitty laugh. “It is why TV does so great out here.”

The “gritty life” is what former executive TV producer Russell Silverstein says about Detroit. The former Detroiter gives insight in the world of television production. “When I grew up in Metro-Detroit we often talked about the way the city is changing. As a Jewish family we were quick to critique and fast to move,” says Russell with a smile. “Detroit has made an image for itself. News coverage of the crime and underbelly, the Unions and mafias, the city that made America move – what could be better for TV.”

Suzanne Lossia, a cast member from the new highly anticipated reality television show Motor City Wives.  The show is getting people around the country interested in learning about Chaldeans, but many in the Chaldean community are concerned the TV producers will purposely misrepresent and sensationalize Chaldeans for ratings.

“That is exactly what will happen,” says Silverstein.  “TV is meant for ratings; meant to get viewers.  They will make characters two dimensional and a car wreck to get viewers to watch and talk.  With so much competition for viewers TV shows will go over the top to get attention.”

The show is expected to debut this Fall with anticipated talk that the VH1 network will purchase broadcasting rights.  Lossia grew up in West Bloomfield, where  she attended West Bloomfield High School.  She’s the only cast member on the show from Oakland County.

Producers are not answering questions surrounding the show and its cast members who are rumored to be Detroit native and rap singer Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mathers, Flavor of Love 2 winner Deelishis, Sara Stokes of Making the Band, and former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s relative Ayanna Kilpatrick Ferguson.

Lossia says the show will help dismantle some of the negative stereotypes about Detroit. She praised the city, and has hope for its future. “Detroit is beautiful. We’re going to bring it back,” she said.

The show has been filming in metro-Detroit for seven months, and shooting is now complete.  Scenes were filmed in downtown Detroit and local malls.

Lossia is divorced, and has two children ages 14 and 16.  Divorce out of convenience in the Chaldean community is frowned upon and seen as detrimental and harmful to children.  “The Chaldean community is similar to the Jewish community back in the 50’s,” says Silverstein.  “Divorce back then was supported and accepted only if the spouse was abusive, addicted, or derelict.   Now Divorce is supported for any reason and out of convenience.   And most harming the children who are still sensitive to such personal matters.  I hope Lossia can keep them protected. “

Responding to critics the show will attract Lossia said, “Everyone who knows me, knows what type of person I am. I’m a phenomenal mother,” she said.    One of her sons maintained a 4.0 GPA at Brother Rice High School, another is expected to begin school there.  Lossia is very family oriented. “I’m all about family,” she said.

She was initially skeptical about appearing on the show.   “My family is so supportive and they pushed me to do this.” She still maintains a good relationship with her ex-husband and children’s father Tony who owns hotels in Indiana and Kentucky.

Silverstein says Lossia and the other ladies on the show are naïve and the industry will chew the women up and spit them out.  “They will create sensational and tense situations and watch the women blow-up.  They will get them to talk about everything and nothing.  What they won’t tell the women is the impact on the lives of their children, family, and friends.   Cast of TV scandalous shows try to convince themselves that what they are doing is an art.  Reality TV is formed around scandal and meant to be shocking and embarrassing.  If it is not, the show will not be renewed.”